01. The landscape of Newfoundland is said to be [stark], but beautiful.
02. The room was [stark], with no furniture and bare white walls.
03. Their apartment is [starkly] furnished; all they have is a table and a couple of chairs, and a mattress on the floor to sleep on.
04. The kids think we are happy, but the [stark] reality is that my husband and I have been apart emotionally for years.
05. The rich green of the forest contrasts [starkly] with the gray cement walls of the city.
06. In the middle of the match, some guy ran onto the football field [stark] naked and had to be taken away by police.
07. The polished sound of their latest album is a [stark] contrast to the raw, punk sound of their first recording.
08. This company faces some [stark] choices if we want to survive. To start with, we're going to have to reduce our staff by at least 10%.
09. The [stark] lighting effects used in the film succeed in creating an atmosphere of tension and fear.
10. The President issued a [stark] warning to the Soviet leader; remove the nuclear missiles from Cuba or face an all-out war.
11. The painter is famous for his [stark] landscapes where nothing seems to grow amid the rocks and sand.
12. The desert is [starkly] beautiful with its endless dunes and scrubby little bushes.
13. She left the [stark], simple life of rural Montana for the excitement of the big city life.
14. The children ran around the yard [stark] naked in the summer sun.
15. His photographs clearly depict the [stark] brutality of war.
16. Their political views are [starkly] different; he's very right wing, whereas she's a committed socialist.
17. The flowers that suddenly appeared after the rainfall provided an incredible contrast to the [starkness] of the desert sands.
18. Michel de Montaigne once suggested that man is certainly [stark] mad; he cannot make a worm, and yet he will be making gods by dozens.

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